Monday, September 29, 2014

Archbishop Andronik’s visits Protection Parish and Tabinsk Icon Community

515.jpgOn Sunday, 8/21 September, Archbishop Andronik served with Igumen Andrei (Erastov) in Melbourne (Yarraville) at the parish of the Protection of the Mother of God (Guest parish at the Belarusian Church of the Three Martyrs of Vilnius).

On Saturday, 14/27 September, for the feast of the Exaltation of the Precious Cross of our Lord, Vladyka also served in Melbourne, with Igumen John (Smelic).

After the Divine Liturgy, parishioner Dimitri Kichakov was awarded a gramota for his dedicated expert work for the glory of God at both the parish of the Protection and at the monastery of the Annunciation. May God grant many years to servant of God Dimitri!


On Sunday, 15/28 September, Archbishop Andronik served at the community of the Tabinsk Icon of the Mother of God in Dandenong. In his sermon, Vladika urged the parishioners to stay true to the True Orthodox Church of Christ.



Metropolitan Agafangel
First Hierarch of the Russian
Orthodox Church Abroad

Bishop John of Melbourne
Vicar bishop of Australia

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Melbourne, VIC
Contact: Bishop John
Telephone: 0422556968

Sydney, NSW
Parish of St John of Kronstadt.



  • Serving priest: Father Nebojsa Mirkovic
  • Address:
  • Service times:
    Sundays and feast days: Matins 730 am
    Divine Liturgy: 9 am.
    Please contact us to confirm what time Liturgy is served.
  • Saturdays and eves of feasts: Vespers 530 pm
    or All-night Vigil 6 pm

Dandenong, VIC
Community of the Tabinsk Mother of God Icon

  • Services once a month
  • Visits by Bishop John

Western Victoria
Annunciation of the Mother of God Women’s Monastic Community

  • Spiritual Father: Bishop John.
  • Address: 266 Nowhere Creek Rd, Nowhere Creek, 3469
  • Service times:
  • Sundays and feast days: Divine Liturgy: 9 am
  • All-night Vigils (including Divine Liturgy) on select occasions.
    Please contact us to confirm what time Liturgy is served.

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