Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Feast of Saint Nicholas in Brisbane


On Sunday, 10/23.12, the monastery of St Nicholas (Free Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand) celebrated their patronal feast. Bishop Ambrose presided at the festal services in concelebration with Bishop John, Archimandrites Hristifor and Simeon, Protopriest Zvonimir, and Priests Alexander and Atanasije.


Bishop John presided at the Divine Liturgy on Saturday 9/22.12. Thereafter followed a moleben asking God’s blessing for the Free Serbian Diocesan Council meeting, which subsequently elected Archimandrite Hristifor (Nedjic) as candidate to be Bishop for the Free Serbian Diocese of Australia and New Zealand.


Meeting Bishop Ambrose on Sunday 10/23.12.



Procession around the Church



The Slava.


The St Nicholas Church has been frescoed beautifully over the course of the past year.



After the service, the parish sisterhood offered a sumptuous meal in the hall.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Concelebration and blessing of new Altar on the parish feast of St Nicholas in Brisbane

On Sunday, 5/18 December, the Free Serbian parish of St Nicholas celebrated its parish feast.



The new Altar table was consecrated by Bishops Ambrose and John, with Archimandrite Hristifor and Hieromonk Simeon concelebrating.


The parish feast of St Nicholas was transferred to the preceding Sunday, when the Serbian Slava was also celebrated. The sisterhood provided a sumptuous fasting meal.



Monday, December 22, 2014

Feast of St Nicholas - Concelebrations in Brisbane


br2.jpgThe Free Serbian Orthodox Parish in Brisbane celebrated its parish feast in honour of St Nicholas the Wonderworker on 6/19.December. His Eminence, Bishop Ambrose of Methoni (and Australia) presided at Great Vespers on the eve of the feast, as well as Matins and Divine Liturgy on the feast itself. Igumen John (ROCA) and Igumen Christophor concelebrated.

br7.jpgOn Saturday, 8./20. December, Bishop Ambrose celebrated Matins and Divine Liturgy in honour of his Saint, the holy hierarch Ambrose of Milan.

Finally, on Sunday, 9/21. December, the full parish celebration in honour of St Nicholas was held, with the Divine Liturgy followed by a moleben and procession around the Church, and the order of the Serbian Slava. The sisterhood offered a festal meal in the hall. The parish offered a gift of a Panagia to His Eminence. Russian faithful from Brisbane also attended the festal services.



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Archbishop Andronik’s visit to Australia

Schedule for hierarchal services with Archbishop Andronik of Canada and Syracuse.

Services at Annunciation Hermitage

  • Friday, 19th September: 6 pm Vespers and Matins
  • Saturday, 20th September: 10am Hierarchal Liturgy

Services at the Parish of the Protection of the Mother of God, Yarraville

  • Saturday, 20th September: 6 pm Vigil (Nativity of the Mother of God)
  • Sunday, 21st September: 10 am Hierarchal Liturgy
  • Friday 26th September: 6 pm Vigil (Elevation of the CROSS)
  • Saturday 27th September: 10 am Hierarchal Liturgy

Services at the Community of the Tabinsk Icon of the Mother of God

  • Saturday, 27th September: 4 pm Vigil with Akathist to the Tabinsk Icon
  • Sunday, 28th September: 10 am Hierarchal Liturgy

All faithful are welcome to join the services with Archbishop Andronik.
Please contact the various communities directly for more information.


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