Monday, July 27, 2015

Video report from pilgrimage to Romania

Our American brothers from the Church of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece recently made a pilgrimage to Romania. The group visited the important sanctuaries of the Old Calendar Orthodox Church of Romania, along with other holy places. Inspired by their interaction with the local True Orthodox Christians, they offer this video report:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Baptism in Melbourne

On the eve of Pentecost (Saturday 17/30 May), the servant of God Svetlana was baptised at the St Gregory Theologian Church in Bentleigh (Melbourne). A handful of faithful and guests attended the Baptism.

Renouncing Satan, expulsion of all evil, and the making of a catechumen.

The anointing with the blessed “oil of gladness”

The servant of God is baptised in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
The old man dies to sin, and the new Christian rises to life in God.

The seal of the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Newly-illumined Svetlana with her sponsor.

May Christ our God grant His newly illumined servant Svetlana health, salvation and many years!

After the Baptism, Abbott John (ROCA) served Great Vespers in honour of the great feast, followed by a parish gathering in the hall.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lenten, Holy Week and Paschal services in Australia



Pictures from St John of Kronstadt parish in Sydney:


15pascha7.jpg 15pascha11.jpg

Pictures from the Tabinsk Icon of the Mother of God parish in Dandenong:

15pascha1.jpg 15pascha2.jpg15pascha.jpg

Greek Orthodox Church of St Greogory the Theologian in Bentleigh (Melbourne) (Church of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece), which is currently served by clergy of ROCA:

15pascha3.jpg bentleigh-st-gregory-church.jpg

Greek Orthodox Church of the Dormition in Cheltenham (Melbourne) (Church of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece). Rector Protopriest Stylianos.


Annunciation Monastery:

15pascha4.jpg 15pascha10.jpg

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Concelebration in Melbourne


On the 5th Sunday of Great Lent, Bishop Photii of Marathon presided at Divine Liturgy at the Greek church of St Gregory the Theologian in Bentleigh (Melbourne).
Abbott John (ROCA) and Deacon John concelebrated, with Father Sotirios, the rector of the Church, participating.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Concelebration at St Sava Monastery in Canberra


On Sunday, 12/25 January, clergy from ROCA and the Free Serbian Orthodox Church / Church of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece concelebrated at the St Sava New Kalenich Monastery in Canberra. Igumen Christophor presided, with Igumen John (Smelic)(ROCA), priests Zvonimir Jovic and Bojan Vlajic, as well as Protodeacon Vasily Yakimov (ROCA) concelebrating. A mixed children’s and pilgrims’ choir chanted.

The 34th St Sava Festival was opened after Liturgy on Saturday 11/24th January with an epistle from His Eminence, Bishop Ambrose of Methoni to his Serbian flock in Australia. Festivities continued for more than two days. The feast day of the Monastery, in honour of St Sava of Serbia is on Tuesday 14/27 January and will be celebrated with a festive Liturgy, the rite of the Slava, and a procession around the Church, followed by a festive meal. All are welcome to attend.

Protodeacon Vasily Yakimov reading the Gospel

Young participant at the Children’s Camp reading the Epistle

More Pictures from Children’s Camp

The children’s choir singing at Liturgy on the day of St Gregory of Nyssa, Friday 10/23 January.
The Great Entrance.

National anthems every morning


Services and singing practice in Church.

Trivia quiz night


Sessions in the camp hall

Posters made by children to collect funds for the benefit of disabled children in Kosovo.


Presentation of certificates, awards and gifts.

The closing session of camp 2015


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Children’s Camp at Serbian Monastery 2015


The annual children’s camp at St Sava New Kalenich Monastery near Canberra concluded today, 11/24.January. 28 children attended from all over Australia.
camp15aa.jpgEvery morning, after the short prayer service, the children raised the Australian and Serbian flags accompanied by singing the national anthems. Thereafter followed dormitory inspections with announcement of winners of the bedmaking contest. Breakfast was then served, after which followed morning lessons. There were daily lessons in the Law of God, services morning and evening, and singing practice. In addition, the children learned about iconography and church and Serbian history. Select lives of Saints were read. The main course of study was presented by Igumen John (Smelic)(ROCA) and rassophore nun Elisabeth of the Annunciation Hermitage (ROCA), with select sessions by Fr Bojan Vlajic and others.
camp15a2.jpgThe campers conscientiously kept the fasts and learned more about the meaning of this pious practice.
The children chanted the Divine Liturgy on the feast of Theophany, on Friday 10/23, and Saturday 11/24 in English and Church Slavonic. All prepared for Confession and Holy Communion at the conclusion of the camp. An exciting treasure hunt incorporating questions on the spiritual materials studied served as the exam.
camp15aa1.jpgFriday afternoon, the very reverend Abbott Hristifor presented each child with a graduation diploma from the St Sava Academy 2015. Various prizes were presented to the most improved camper, the best singing voice, best organiser, best behaviour, and others.
The weather was comfortably cool in Canberra, allowing for outside play and swimming.


Saturday, January 10, 2015

Upcoming children’s camp at Serbian Monastery

1camp-services.jpgThe traditional annual children’s camp at the Free Serbian Monastery of St Sava will take place from January 18 to 23. The camp is open for children aged 7 to 12 years old of all nationalities.

Please download a registration form here and return to the organisers as soon as possible.

1camp-altar-boys.jpgLessons in the Law of God at the camp are given in English by Fr John Smelic (ROCA). There are short daily morning and evening services, which the children chant and read themselves. Accommodation is in separate girls’ and boys’ dorm houses on the grounds of the monastery. There is opportunity to play tennis, fish in the monastery lake, and an excursion. At the end of the camp, all the children take Confession and Holy Communion.

1camp-meal.jpgMore information from Jela Bulatovic, who can be contacted on telephone 0402033834.

The St Sava Festival will take place at the monastery the weekend of 24-25 January, and is open for all pilgrims.


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Statement from the Bulgarian Orthodox Old Calendar Church

bishop-photii.jpgThe Bulgarian Orthodox Old Calendar Church under the omophorion of His Eminence, Bishop Photios of Triaditza, has officially entered into full ecclesiastical communion with the Church of the True Orthodox Christians of Greece. This unity was originally effected with the then existing Synod in Resistance, the Romanian Orthodox Old Calendar Church and Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, and has never been broken by any disagreement of dogmatic or ecclesiastical character, however, certain questions delayed the present statement.

on behalf of the Church Council of the Orthodox Old-Calendar Church of Bulgaria

Beloved in the Lord Fathers, brethren and sisters,

As announced in a previous message on behalf of the Church (Ecclesiastical) Council of 14/27 July, 2014, talks are underway between the Orthodox Old-Calendar Church of Bulgaria and the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians in Greece on establishing full ecclesial communion. During the talks, the Greek side made the point that in order for the prestige and dignity of the Orthodox Old-Calendar Church of Bulgaria to be reiterated as a self-governing Church body, it is desirable that its Synod be formed under the chairmanship of His Grace Bishop Photios with the help of hierarchs of the sister Churches, who are to be included in the Synod’s composition, as its interim members. Having discussed and approved this recommendation, the Church Council of the Orthodox Old-Calendar Church of Bulgaria decided unanimously that the Ruling hierarch address the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, His Eminence Metropolitan Agafangel, asking that the Synod of Bishops of the (Russian Orthodox) Church Abroad bless two hierarchs of its composition to be co-opted for the formation of the Synod of the Orthodox Old-Calendar Church of Bulgaria with a status of its interim members. Metropolitan Agafangel and the hierarchs of the ROCOR Synod responded positively to the call made by our side and granted (us) selfless brotherly support. By a decree of His Grace Bishop Photios #0001 of 5/18 December, 2014 and pursuant to Decision #5 of Oct 24/Nov 6, 2014 of the Church (Ecclesiastical) Council a Synod of the Orthodox Old-Calendar Church of Bulgaria was formed chaired by His Grace Bishop Photios of Triaditsa and interim members: Their Eminences Archbishop George of Kishinev and Moldova and Bishop Nikon of Ishimsk and Siberia.

The Greek side has been informed of the actions taken on our part. Yet to be agreed upon are the place and date for the official establishment of full ecclesial communion with the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians in Greece, which shall be fastened by the celebration of the Holy Liturgy by both primates and by hierarchs of the two sister Churches.

Sofia, December 8/21, 2014
Translation: Vladimir Djambov

Bulgarian language source
English language source

Monday, December 22, 2014

Feast of St Nicholas - Concelebrations in Brisbane


br2.jpgThe Free Serbian Orthodox Parish in Brisbane celebrated its parish feast in honour of St Nicholas the Wonderworker on 6/19.December. His Eminence, Bishop Ambrose of Methoni (and Australia) presided at Great Vespers on the eve of the feast, as well as Matins and Divine Liturgy on the feast itself. Igumen John (ROCA) and Igumen Christophor concelebrated.

br7.jpgOn Saturday, 8./20. December, Bishop Ambrose celebrated Matins and Divine Liturgy in honour of his Saint, the holy hierarch Ambrose of Milan.

Finally, on Sunday, 9/21. December, the full parish celebration in honour of St Nicholas was held, with the Divine Liturgy followed by a moleben and procession around the Church, and the order of the Serbian Slava. The sisterhood offered a festal meal in the hall. The parish offered a gift of a Panagia to His Eminence. Russian faithful from Brisbane also attended the festal services.




Metropolitan Agafangel
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